Current Stage

We are currently in a beta stage of testing and development. Join our Discord if you’re interested in helping us test and want early access.


We started developing the concept of Dwell in 2012 under the project name “Colonies”. It was a successful demo that brought fans of multiple genres together. Building on Colonies’ success as a free conceptual project, Dwell officially started development with the goal of a commercial release.

As the community and industry has evolved, so has Dwell. In 2017, we solidified our blueprint for Dwell– envisioning a multiplayer game built upon positive player interaction and roleplaying.

How Is It Made?

Dwell is made from scratch using C#. Monogame is used as our game library, while lidgren is used for UDP networking. It is being built for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Official Links

-Official Trello (shows our to-do list and development progress)
-Official Twitter (retweets of highlights from Brady and Michael)
-Official Discord (voice and live chat with the developers)

Personal Links

-Brady’s Twitter (continuous updates on art, programming, and design)
-Brady’s Tumblr (visual GIFs and personal updates)
-Brady’s Twitch (occasional development streams)

Latest Updates