Current Stage
We are currently in a closed Alpha stage of testing and development! We have been developing Dwell for over four years, and are working on it full time.

If you would like to help test Dwell, please sign up on our waiting list! We let testers in on a first-come, first-serve basis. We do not know when the next group of testers will be needed and our list can become lengthy at times, so please be patient! We do not permit testers to stream, broadcast, or upload videos of the game at this time, but we will in the near future. Thank you for understanding!

Official Links
-Official Trello (shows our to-do list and development progress)
-Official Twitter (retweets of highlights from Brady and Michael)
-Official Discord (voice and live chat with the developers)

Personal Links
-Brady’s Twitter (continuous updates on art, programming, and design)
-Brady’s Tumblr (visual GIFs and personal updates)
-Brady’s Twitch (occasional development streams)