Some Graphical Tweaks…
May 7, 2016 1:24 am by Brady

This week I’ve been mainly working on fixing up some bugs in our core engine. I was able to fix several memory leaks, item dupes, and desync issues. However, I also tried to spend 6 hours per day working on pixel art! I don’t do the majority of the art in the game, but I’ve been practicing so that I can contribute more when the time comes to add content.

One key visual flare I added is more shadows. Players, workbenches, and virtually every object in the game now has a shadow. It gives the art more dimension and really polishes things off.

I also worked on adding better claim border graphics and distance markers for placing objects. Previously, claim borders would appear as a very intense particle effect. I fixed it by making it a simple image overlay, but later on I will also add a toggle so you can hide it. The new distance marker allows you to see if you’re placing an object out of range, while also giving you a preview of distant objects’ positions.

I’ll be posting more graphical and content updates soon!