The Village-Building MORPG

Build your own home and craft your way to the top in Dwell, a multiplayer online RPG where you create the world. Invent new technologies, specialize in jobs, and trade your goods in a persistent open world.


  • Open persistent world
  • 200+ players per server
  • 100+ unlockable crafting recipes
  • Procedurally generated landscapes with many biomes to explore
  • Gather resources by farming, mining, fishing, and foraging
  • Process resources by cooking, brewing, drying, and researching
  • Specialize in specific recipes and add unique traits to your crafts
  • Economy, trading, and shops run by players
  • Villages and governments built by players

Build Your House!

Craft customizable walls, doors, and flooring and build a unique home. Build next to your friends and start a whole village, complete with shops, inns, and shipping docks!

Mine and Farm!

Forge metals found by exploring deep caves. Travel through forests to find rare herbs and trinkets. Embrace nature and research new crops, grow gardens, and build beehives.

Cook and Brew!

Learn new recipes and specialize in preparing unique meals. Ferment alcohols and start a brewery or build a restaurant and serve meals to visitors.

Trade Your Goods!

Feeling creative? Build a marketplace and sell your goods in shops and trading stalls. Feeling adventurous? Build a boat and go on a trade mission across the world.