July 9, 2016 6:19 am by Brady

This past month, I’ve made a lot of important additions to Dwell. Along with a bunch of security, stability, and networking improvements, the most obvious and important gameplay addition is our village system!

A village can be constructed by a group of players in order to protect and govern their grouped land. The player who creates and names the village is designated the “Manager” role. Managers can add and remove villagers from their claim. They can also promote an unlimited amount of new managers who can do the same. We want to allow for loose governing styles so that every village can be managed differently.

In the above GIF, you’ll notice two different types of claims– personal (gold) and village (blue). Personal claims overpower village claims’ permissions. That way, each villager within a village can choose to have their own house and belongings.

Within the next month, I’ll be finalizing our doors system. It will allow claim managers to designate people who can open/close specific doors on their property. Since each door will have a permissions list, cool ideas like inns, bank vaults, and community buildings will be possible. I’m looking forward to adding this feature because it will greatly allow for emergent, player-created gameplay.

As always, be sure to check out the sidebar for the @DwellGame twitter feed, which contains constant updates!

Thank you!

Wall Upgrading & Audio
May 21, 2016 2:10 am by Brady

I’ve been making major gameplay additions recently, so I decided to add an idea Michael and I have been designing for a few months- wall upgrading. Wall upgrading will add a continuous purpose for metal, and will make the “mining” stat worthwhile.

In order to upgrade your walls, you simply have to equip a hammer and hover over a village wall piece (for the sake of demonstration, the pictured wall piece is a house wall). Then, the recipe will appear and will show you which materials you need to gather or create. Clicking the wall piece will begin the upgrading process!

Besides wall upgrading, I’m also excited to say that I was able to code the basics of our audio engine. Our composer, Patrick Egan, has spent months working on the theme music, so this is exciting for all of us. You can find a preview of the music on his blog. Along with the theme music, we were also able to add in some basic subtle sound effects which will be refined later. As always, you can adjust the audio levels in the Options menu.

That’s all I’ve got for today 🙂


Some Graphical Tweaks…
May 7, 2016 1:24 am by Brady

This week I’ve been mainly working on fixing up some bugs in our core engine. I was able to fix several memory leaks, item dupes, and desync issues. However, I also tried to spend 6 hours per day working on pixel art! I don’t do the majority of the art in the game, but I’ve been practicing so that I can contribute more when the time comes to add content.

One key visual flare I added is more shadows. Players, workbenches, and virtually every object in the game now has a shadow. It gives the art more dimension and really polishes things off.

I also worked on adding better claim border graphics and distance markers for placing objects. Previously, claim borders would appear as a very intense particle effect. I fixed it by making it a simple image overlay, but later on I will also add a toggle so you can hide it. The new distance marker allows you to see if you’re placing an object out of range, while also giving you a preview of distant objects’ positions.

I’ll be posting more graphical and content updates soon!


New Website!
May 7, 2016 12:54 am by Brady

Hey everyone! It came to my attention a few days ago that until this point, we’ve exclusively been doing live updates via Twitter and Discord. As a result, many people aren’t up-to-date on the progress we’ve been making. Today I spent ~20 hours working on revitalizing the site. Lots of changes have been made, and I’m excited to share them with you.

Firstly, as you can see, we now have a development blog on our homepage. Previously I’ve been using my personal blog for updates, but Tumblr isn’t optimal for lengthy text posts. Now, we have a central location where Michael and I can share updates with everyone. We’ll try to post updates monthly or more and stay on a schedule.

Secondly, I wrote up a lengthy description of Dwell’s gameplay on our About page. This will hopefully answer a lot of the questions we’ve been getting on our forums.

Finally, Michael and I are reorganizing our milestones list. We’ve been using Google Docs until this point, but we would prefer our development to be more public. Starting this week, we’ll start posting all of our milestones and goals on Trello.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck around despite the lack of obvious updates on our site! We’ve been extremely hard at work developing our core engine and will soon begin working on new, exciting content. Going forward, if you ever have any questions or concerns, be sure to visit our forums! I try to respond to every person who asks a question 🙂