Welcome to Dwell


Build your own houses, inns, shops, villages, and castles... whatever you want! In an open world that you can terraform every inch of, there are no limits! Use blocks harvested from the landscape to construct your dreams!



Will you treat your neighbors fairly or conquer their lands in a mighty siege? With action-based combat inspired from early NES classics, every brawl has meaning! Build seige weapons like rams, catapults, and bombs to destroy enemy fortifications!



There are no pre-built houses. Every inch of the world is built by you! Customize your house to be simple or lavish! Protect your house with your own pets that can keep watch while you're away!



Every world is randomly generated! With over fourty different types of terrain, biomes are extremely diverse and loaded with valuables! The underworld and overworld both pose different challenges, so lurk wisely in order to survive the monsters who lurk in the depths! With bosses and dungeons, the harsh environment never grows old.



Dwell is currently in closed alpha. There are features being added daily, yet there is unfortunately no playable version for the public yet.


When will the game be released?

No release date has been chosen yet! Please stay patient with us while we make the best game we possibly can.

Can I help test the game?

If we need testers, we'll ask. Please don't send us PMs asking!

How much will Dwell cost?

We have no idea, sorry! We won't be using a pay-to-win model or any other forms of misleading payment methods, so don't worry. We also will try to make it as accessible to people as possible.

I'm a programmer/artist and I want to help you! Can I?

Sorry, but we aren't looking for any more helpers at the moment. If we are, we'll post a recruitment thread.

I have an amazing idea for Dwell! Can you add it to the game?

We have an "Ideas" board on the forums. Please post a thread there. Jackard and Jungletoe check it daily for ideas on what to add to the game.